Patricia Martin is a Reiki and massage therapist, Professional Angel reader (medium), and meditation guide. She motivates people through exercise and self-care, or allied health. She is a children’s book author who has special rapport with children and adults alike and enjoys helping them. She works with people’s energy fields; she encourages, inspires, and motivates with her affirmations. She enjoys writing as a way to reach them in special and unique ways with her healing words.

As a mother she is very aware of children’s needs and has a deep desire to help them respectfully and lovingly connect with themselves. She inspires them to be optimistic and to connect with who they truly are. She encourages them to be at one with Mother Earth by enjoying simple pleasures like having fun outdoors in nature and reading. She understands their simplicity and joy for life, but unfortunately, as they grow up, children forget these simple pleasures! Adults need to remember and have fun too!

Her deep passion for writing stems back to her own childhood. Her favourite author is Enid Blyton. She remembers many happy hours up in her tree house reading wonderful books. She also has a love for writing poetry and adult self-help books, as well as for storytelling to children.

She believes we all have a special and unique calling and that to follow our true path brings us the happiness we truly deserve. We should do what we came here to do and have no regrets. Life is precious, and we need to make the most of every day and listen to the whispers of our hearts.